Employment at Raisin’ Roots Farm

Position: Farm Hand

  • Start Date: August 17th, 2020
  • End Date: November 6th, 2020
  • Weekly Schedule: 5 Work Days/Week Monday – Friday
  • Compensation: On site housing provided, Monthly Stipend ($500 – $1000 DOE), farm vegetables and eggs included
  • Apply by emailing your application to raisinroots@gmail.com with the requested information below


As a farm hand you will be an integral part of our farm team. This position will involve a range of ever-changing seasonal farm tasks, along with a weekly schedule including harvest, greenhouse seeding, planting, cultivating, farm chores, and farm maintenance projects. We work closely as a team in all weathers, so maintaining a good attitude is important. This position is ideal for someone looking to get more engaged in the process of growing food on a small-scale diversified farm with dense production. To learn more about our farm please visit raisinroots.com.

As a farm hand we recognize your commitment to getting an experiential education out of your work. We take this into consideration when bringing you on our crew and will do our best to be available to answer questions and expose you to many parts of the farm as an operation. We will provide you with recommended readings that will align with the values and systems in place on our farm operation. We will set aside time to meet with you throughout the season to check in and make sure your educational goals are being met through your farm experience. Skills that you will receive training on include harvesting, transplanting, direct seeding, irrigation, weeding, cultivating, handling livestock, wash/pack, post-harvest handling, customer interaction, infrastructure projects.


  • Farm experience is preferred but not required. If you have experience, please include specifics of your roles & responsibilities and include the farm name and a reference.
  • Ability to work well with others as well as independently is essential. Some days you will be asked to complete mainly solo tasks while other days you will work as part of a team.
  • Must be comfortable and open to working with livestock in all aspects of maintenance and care. 
  • Ability to repeatedly lift 50 pounds off of the ground. This job is physical and involves a lot of bending and lifting. Aside from strength one must have a good level of endurance and physical flexibility. You are responsible for taking care of yourself (staying hydrated, eating a good breakfast/lunch, wearing proper workwear, sunscreen etc.) 
  • Appropriate workwear is expected for each shift including closed toed shoes, hat, long sleeve and pants layers, your own water bottle, sunscreen, and work gloves.
  • Attention to detail, ability to take direction, and asking good questions are key qualities for this position. 
  • There will be a variety of farm tasks that pop up throughout the season – flexibility and willingness to go with the farm flow is important.
  • A familiarity with a range of vegetables is very helpful (we will of course train you on this as well).
  • Ability to focus & work fast is key. There is a lot of precision and repetition in farming, and a balance between speed and quality is essential. Our lists are long and the days are short: we understand you may not be the fastest at the outset, but keeping the pace is an important part of the job once you get more comfortable. 
  • Maintaining a good attitude after hours on your feet in the heat or the rain is crucial (no complainers, please!).

Please send your application to raisinroots@gmail.com with the subject line “Farm Hand Position Application.” To be accepted, applications must include the following:

  • Resume 
  • Cover letter expressing your motivations for the position and your short, medium, and long term personal aspirations. 
  • References with contact information