Friday On-Farm Market

Every Friday: 3pm – 6pm

At the farm:
2229 West Vine Drive
Fort Collins, 80521

Join us every Friday between 3pm to 6pm. The 2022 market dates are May 6th through November 4th at Raisin’ Roots Farm located at 2229 West Vine Drive, Fort Collins, CO 80521.

Get first pick of the harvest fresh from the field. We accept SNAP/EBT benefits for our farm fresh produce and match your benefits dollar for dollar with Double Up Food Bucks.

Each market we are joined by amazing local producers whose offerings consist of kombucha, fermented foods, bread, grass-fed and pastured Red Feather beef, dairy, plant-based foods and more! Scroll down this page to view more details on our additional vendors.

Hope to see you at our farm on Fridays!

Your Farmers,
Ryan and Alexa


Middle Eastern Fresh and Functional Food

Shak-Shouka will be at our markets on 4/30, 5/7, 5/14, and every other Friday market from then on

Our Friend Bakery

Our Friend Bakery is a small cottage foods bakery that focuses on using locally grown grain milled by stone, that we mill ourselves. Baker Daniel Gray’s bread, pastries, and pizza are all naturally leavened, meaning there’s no commercial yeast. This creates a more flavorful and digestible product due to the extended fermentation times. The flavor is in the nutrition and we seek to retain both as much as possible. 

Our Friend Bakery will be at all markets

Lone Pine Cattle Co.

Lone Pine Cattle Company raises 100% grass-fed, grass-finished Black Angus beef in Red Feather Lakes, CO. Our cattle are processed at Innovative Foods after 28-30 months of grazing on pasture and all our beef is dry aged a minimum of two weeks. We offer 80/20 ground beef and a selection of prime cuts, as well as bulk beef: eighths, quarters, halves and whole animals.

Lone Pine will be at all markets starting 5/7

Little House of Tempeh

Our small batch, soy-free tempeh is fermented using carefully chosen organic ingredients. The result is unique, nutrient dense, and probiotic rich. Baked, fried, or marinated – on a salad, in a sandwich, or by itself – our tempeh is right at home in any kitchen!

Little House of Tempeh will be at all markets

Five Freedoms Dairy

Five Freedoms Dairy was founded by veterinarian Kevin McSweeney with the goal of creating a small but sustainable dairy focused on improved animal welfare, by providing a heathier and more enriched life. The centerpiece of this enrichment is our system of leaving the cows and calves together for many months after birth. While working as a dairy veterinarian on large dairies, Kevin witnessed years of cows being treated like a commodity within industrial agriculture. Cows often spend their lives on concrete, given little to no access to the outside or even sunlight, and are separated from their calves immediately after birth. What people think is acceptable welfare is a subjective thing and constantly changing. Kevin believed that many of our consumers expect a better life for the cows that produce the milk for their dairy products, and that is why he created Five Freedoms Dairy.

At Five Freedoms Dairy, our cows live outside with access to pasture, shade and soft bedding. Mothers are allowed to care for and nurse their young for at least 5 months after birth. Simply put, the cows are treated like the intelligent, gentle creatures they are, animals that so nobly share their milk with us. 
Kevin hopes that this model of a small dairy will also grow and give other small dairies a chance stay alive in an increasingly difficult market. 

Five Freedoms Dairy will be at all markets

Kitchen Sink Ferments

Kitchen Sink Ferments is a duo of fermented food enthusiasts that allies with local producers to eliminate food waste by creating flavorful and seasonal pickled goods.

Kitchen Sink Ferments will be at all markets except 6/26

Emma’s Homemade

Emma uses all traditional family recipes, and will have her amazing Kimchi, Sichuan pickle, and purple yam bread at our Friday Farmers Market.

Emma’s Homemade will be at our markets 6/4, 6/11, 6/18, 6/25, 7/9, 7/16, 7/23, 8/6, 8/13, 8/20, 8/27, 9/3, 9/24, 10/1, 10/15, 10/22, 10/29.

Berchta Botanicals

Our mission at Berchta is to grow exceptionally nourishing and healing herbal plant medicine for the sustained wellness and health of our community while building fertile soil and healthy plant life. We grow common/native, at-risk, drought tolerant, alpine (and tropical) plants as nursery stock (starter plants for your own gardens AND harvested fresh plant material from our farm) so that clinical herbalists, food artisans, and other community workers can apply their profession using the freshest, most delightful, and locally grown herbs. We follow rigorous, beyond USDA organic growing practices honed from almost a decade of regenerative farming experience–we pledge to always do so.  We start almost all of our thousands of plants from seeds, by hand, with love, in a local beloved, biodynamic greenhouse. We only sell our own home-grown nursery stock. Check out more about our history and our products HERE! We are grateful to grow these plants for you.

Berchta Botanicals will be at our market 5/7, 5/14, 5/21, 7/16, 7/30, 8/13, 9/17, 9/24

Larimer County Farmers Alliance

Your local Rocky Mountain Farmers Union chapter, the Larimer County Farmers Alliance is a community of growers and local agriculture advocates. Come meet members of leadership and learn how to get involved!

LCFA will be tabling at our Friday Farmers Markets 6/4, 7/2, 8/27, 10/8