Know Your Farm(ers)

Growing on several acres of land just a few miles from the city center, we are a proud member of the Fort Collins, CO community. Our 60 different varieties of vegetables are grown as part of our seasonal CSA program and are sold at the Larimer County Farmers Market, our road side Farm Stand open year round, and to locally owned restaurants. Our emphasis on soil health and low-till growing practices ensures nutritious produce with a commitment to land stewardship and resource conservation.

Ben Pfeffer is a farmer who grows diverse food crops to regenerate both the land and the local community. He believes that the path towards improving our food system and the people that depend on it is through building healthy relationships with the soil and with each other. During his time owning and operating Raisin’ Roots Farm, he has built a viable business model through a diversity of production, innovative practices and direct marketing. Ben has studied resilient farming methods from producers across different regions and is proud to implement both new and old ideas and technologies while remaining a perpetual student. As a member of the Larimer County Farmers Alliance he continues to work on land access issues, technical education, and coalition building between producers. He holds a BA in Anthropology from Towson University.

Carolyn Fitzgerald is an eighth generation farmer from Western New York. Growing up she developed a love for farming by spending time with her grandparents on their family farm and hearing farm stories of different generations. Carolyn went on to study sustainable agriculture and food systems in rural Vermont. She has worked in different levels of the food system from being a farm worker, to a local produce buyer for a food cooperative, to a community garden manager. Carolyn believes that producing nutrient-dense food while improving agricultural land for generations to come is important and rewarding work. When not farming you can usually find Carolyn enjoying a good book, hanging with the farm animals, or napping with Raisin.

Raisin works hard to keep deer out of the fields when the farmers need their rest. She is also neighborhood ambassador and takes her protective duties very seriously. As property guardian, one must get into Raisin’s good graces to achieve free range on the farm under her watchful eye.